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How to make a good 3D-Computer Image Rendering?

There are 3 things to make your computer rendering looks good in 3D Studio Max:
First, you must adjust the camera distance to make the view looks real. How to do that? Here’s the secret:
For interior camera:

Example you have 5 meter length and 5 meter width room. You must place the camera in the corner, and adjust the camera in about 1,5 meter height, and also the camera target 1,5 meter height, that is to make the room view from the human eye view. If you make the camera or camera target too high or too low, that’s make the room looks not real.
For exterior camera:
There are 2 different view for the exterior camera, from the bird eye view and human eye view. If you make a bird eye view camera, you can adjust the camera height by yourself. If you make human eye view, you must adjust the camera height in 1,5-1,7 meter (normal human eye), then you can adjust camera target depends on the building height, wether if second storey building (camera target about 4-5 meter) or a high rise building.
And the final tricks for camera, in interior or in exterior camera, you must adjust camera narrow and wide. In 3d studio max, you can adjust the camera lens bigger, to make the camera view more narrow, or adjust the camera lens smaller, to make the camera view more wide. Normally the camera lens is between 25-35 mm.

Second, is the lighting. Lighting is the most important things in 3D. You can use the radiosity from 3d studio max to make a real light, or you can use Mental Ray in 3d studio max. For more real light effects, you must use V-Ray Plug-Ins, as a plug-in in 3d studio max. If you not use it yet, you can join 3d-club, to learn how to use V-Ray in V-Ray Tutorial.

Third, the last one, is the surrounding area of the camera scene. In interior, you can add flower vas and other interior accessories. In exterior, you must place several tree, man, clouds, & cars in the surrounding landscaping. To make the surrounding looks real, there’s also a plug-ins in 3d studio max, RPC Plug-Ins. In RPC, you can add everything, from human, cars, trees, furnitures, and all other interior & exterior accessories. Just click, place it, adjust the size, and there it is!
Or you can add a real human, cars, and trees photos from photo editing software, like Adobe Photoshop.


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